“If You PLANT one day will reap, But if you don’t plant dont expect to REAP.”

“Provided You have made the effort, And You’ll not get anything other than that for which you have made an EFFORT”

“TRUTH has Zero tolerance for OPPRESSION”

“What is a perfect act of CHARITY, it is to give and to take nothing in return”

“What is a perfect act of RIBA, it is to take and give nothing in return”

“KEJAYAAN tak akan terjadi tanpa bermulanya langkah yang PERTAMA.”

“Kunci utama dalam hidup adalah BERSYUKUR. Orang yang bersyukur hatinya tenang dan sentiasa rasa BAHAGIA.”

“Hidup itu MUDAH, Buatlah KEPUTUSAN.”

“Make This Year a Year of ACHIEVEMENTS. You Don’t know what you can achieve until you TRY.”

“We all have one thing in common a 24 hour day, It’s what we do with that time makes the difference.”

“Allah akan menolong seorang hambanya, selama hamba itu senantiasa menolong saudaranya.” (HR Muslim)

“There is one thing you can’t recycle and that’s wasted time.”

“Bukan kebahagian yang membuat kita BERSYUKUR, Tapi bersyukurlah yang membuat kita BAHAGIA.”

“SMALL successes will give you confidence towards a big success.”

“If you want to succeed try a new direction rather than the well-worn paths of others.”